Massage Therapy

Restore Your Sore Body

Let our massage therapists relieve any tightness in your body in Temple, TX

After long work weeks, your body can tighten up with stress. Loosen up at Spa Riffic by booking massage therapy. Our experienced massage therapists will target the tight knots in your body to help you decompress from the daily grind. Whether you want a traditional or deep tissue massage, we'll help your body and mind let go of any stress.
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Explore Our Soothing Massages

Prenatal Massage

60 minutes - $80   |   90 minutes - $120

Experience our specialized prenatal massages designed exclusively for expectant mothers. These gentle sessions are designed to alleviate the discomforts often associated with pregnancy, offering relaxation and relief from common aches and tension. Our experienced therapists use safe techniques to provide a soothing experience, promoting well-being for both you and your baby.

Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutes - $90   |   90 minutes - $130

Discover deep relief with our specialized Deep Tissue Massages. Our skilled therapists expertly target muscle tension, using precise techniques to alleviate chronic discomfort and stiffness. Each session is personalized for your comfort and well-being.

Swedish Massage

60 minutes - $80   |   90 minutes - $120

Swedish Massage is the most well-known type of massage. It uses long, gentle strokes on muscles and tissues with different pressures. It's super relaxing, and the massage therapist will adjust the pressure based on what you prefer and what feels best for you.

Hot Stone Massage

60 minutes - $100   |   90 minutes - $150

A hot stone massage involves the use of heated stones during a massage session. These smooth, heated stones are placed on the body and used by the therapist to apply gentle pressure, promoting muscle relaxation, improved blood circulation, and overall stress relief.

Our calming environment will help you relax

To set the mood, we make sure to create a calming, healthy environment for our customers. While we're massaging your shoulders and neck, we want you to feel completely comfortable in our hands. We only hire qualified massage therapists to give your body the TLC it's been lacking.

If you're looking to release and restore, come to our wellness spa for refreshing massage therapy.