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Arrange for a facial treatment at our spa in Temple, TX

You deserve to pamper yourself. And there are few better ways to unwind than getting a facial. Spa Riffic offers facial treatments in Temple, TX. We'll go above and beyond to create a relaxing, welcoming environment for you. Once you get settled and comfortable in our chair, we'll get to work giving you an amazing facial that will make your skin glow.

Set aside time to take care of yourself and your skin. Schedule an appointment to get a facial treatment today.

50 minutes- Chemicals Peel- $110
60 minutes -Clarifying High Frequency Facial- $90
60 Minutes - Spa Riffic Signature Facial- $65
30 minutes- Express Facial- $50
60-minute Session- Gentlemen's Facial- $70
60 minutes- Teen Facial- $45
60 Minutes - Anti-Acne Facial- $85
60 minutes Session- Hydrafacial- $130

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Check out these 3 benefits of facials

Facials are more than just a form of self-care. They can have great benefits for your skin and help you reduce stress. Some things to know about our facial services include:

  • We can cleanse your skin at a deeper level than any at-home treatment
  • A good facial can help treat acne and prevent signs of aging
  • Getting a facial can relieve stress, which can help improve your overall health

To hear more about the benefits of facials, contact us today.

Spa Package : Mommy & Me Spa Time

Mom facial includes; deep cleaning, exfoliation, correction treatment, moisturizing and sun protection of the face & neck. Daughter facial includes; gentle face cleaning, mask and moisturizing of the face & a special treat for the little Princess.
$95.00 • 90 minutes

High Frequency Facial

A high-frequency facial is a technique that helps your skin look clear and beautiful. It's a facial treatment that treats your skin to get rid of problems like acne control, enlarged pores, fine lines and creases, and swollen or dim eyes. A high-frequency facial is considered superior when you are concerned about your acne issues. This technique helps supply oxygen to the skin's surface and eventually leads to the killing of acne bacteria. It boosts blood circulation and contracts blood vessels which helps in removing the redness of the skin caused by acne bacteria. Following are some of the benefits of choosing high frequency facial for your skin: Improve overall skin appearance. Remove tanning. Remove dullness and fade skin. Improve texture and tone. The immediate result of glow. Increase blood circulation. It helps in shrinking pores. Diminishing the signs of aging. Stop continuous acne expanding.
60 minutes

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel facial exfoliates and loosens layers of dead skin cells to stimulate the body's natural healing and renewal process. Fortunately, this cosmetic procedure does not involve needles or knives, making it relatively painless and efficient. First, we will thoroughly clean your skin and then apply the innovative chemical peel on the target areas. This chemical skin peel gently and safely strips back the top layers of skin to stimulate your natural healing process for transformation on a deeper cellular level. Whether you're light or dark-skinned, our products are highly effective and safe for any skin type. Our chemical skin peel works on a deep cellular level, effectively correcting skin conditions at the source for ultimate skin rejuvenation. Our peels work to improve skin discoloration, fine lines, and wrinkles; skin laxity; active acne, hyperpigmentation and acne scars. After our chemical face peel procedure, your skin will have better defense against external factors like UV Rays and pollution, allowing your skin to hold moisture, leaving it plump, supple, and fresh.
50 minutes

Clear Complexion facial (Anti-Acne)

Recommended for oily and acne prone skins, our Clear Complexion Facial incorporates a special blend of exfoliating enzymes and herbs that refine skin texture while reducing inflammatory causing bacteria. Manual lymphatic drainage techniques and a soothing clay mask round out this special treatment facial that heals breakouts, minimizes redness, and reduces retention of oils. The result is smoother, clearer skin. Length of Service:
60 Minutes

Spa Riffic Facial

This is our Signature Facial that combines the basic, essential steps of exfoliation, steam, deep-pore cleansing, and a customized mask. Designed to thoroughly cleanse the skin and flush out embedded debris and impurities, the Spa Riffic signature facial treatment is ideal for normal and normal to oily skin types. Length of Service:
60 Minutes

Teen Facial

Our Teen Facial is designed specifically for the teenager (18 and under). A deep cleansing treatment for a teens problematic skin; however, great for all skin types. This facial is a great introduction for proper skin care techniques at a crucial age. You will receive a teenage skin consultation with recommendations for at-home care to build a healthy skincare maintenance program. This service includes cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, nourishment, massage, compress, SPF, and moisturizing.
60 minutes

Gentlemen's Facial

This service includes Cleanse, Tone, Analyze, Steam+Exfoliation, refreshing mask, high frequency, Relaxing light pressure-point neck and shoulder massage, and SPF. Enjoy the benefits of our high frequency treatment as it shrinks enlarged pores, reduces signs of aging, and combats breakouts. For the bearded area, the high frequency kills bacteria and promotes hair growth. It is incredibly relaxing experience, and you are guaranteed to walk out of the facility with hydrated, healthy and radiant skin free from impurities

*If you plan on shaving before your facial, please do so at least 4 hours before service.
60-minute Session


With a simple three-step process, Hydrafacial firms, hydrates, and soothes skin to give you the smoothest, firmest, most radiant skin you've ever experienced. Think of it as the ultimate age-fighting, rejuvenating indulgence for your face (and you definitely deserve it!).
60 minutes Session

Express Facial

Need a facial but short on time? This quick, yet highly personalized treatment will cleanse, exfoliate and revitalize your skin in just 30 minutes. Have your pores deep cleansed and extracted or enjoy a skin rejuvenating facial massage. Your choice! Either way, you'll experience a treatment that leaves your skin feeling clean, smooth and revitalized.
30 minutes.