Kloud + PEMA Mat

Kloud + Pema Mat

The KLOUD+ PEMA mat is a revolutionary addition to our spa, designed to enhance your relaxation and rejuvenation journey. KLOUD+ may support your general performance, your recovery, and your overall vitality and well being by means of electromagnetic pulses and may support your self-healing powers. Experience the KLOUD+ and embark on a transformative journey towards wellness, harmony, and bliss.

15-min KLOUD+ PEMA Mat Session - $25
30-min KLOUD+ PEMA Mat Session - $35

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• Optimized Sleep
• Stress Reduction
• More life energy
• Synchronization of Body Functions
• Deep Relaxation
• Improved Mental Clarity
• Restore Natural Balance
• Vitality and Well Being
• Balance of body, mind, and soul
• Grounding and harmonizing

KLOUD+ Session Programs

Your KLOUD+ session is customized with your choice of one of 5 optimized programs:

Relaxer - Program 1:

Relaxation of body, mind, and soul. Put yourself in a relaxed state and unwind, Promote your well being and find inner peace, and optimize a restful sleep.

Balancer - Program 2:

Restore your natural balance and get into a good flow. Balance means feeling good and thinking positively with confidence, peace, and serenity. Gain peace and quality of life

Energizer - Program 3:

A boost when you want more life energy! Experience pure KLOUD+ power. feel alive, awake, motivated, and strengthened. Activate vitality from within, and take advantage of your body's natural power!

Synchronizer - Program 4:

The ideal introduction to the KLOUD+. Synchronize your body functions. Use this program in combination with relaxation habits and rituals to improve mental clarity, emotional harmony, and synchronize your heartbeat.

Transformer - Program 5:

Help the body help itself. Keep your vital forces turned up, and experience a positive transformation - push your boundaries! Designed for athletes and fitness buffs, accelerate muscle recovery, improve your performance, and unlock your maximum capacity.

PEMA Frequency Technolgy:

The Kloud+ is a Tesla powered frequency mat. Experience up to 20,000 amplitudes per second through 8 large coils, therefore reaching a wider molecular range of molecular activation in the body than any previous PEMA technology. Users may experience better stress management, revamped mental capacity and clarity, enhanced physical fitness and performance, improved weight management, faster and deeper relaxation and sleep, and an overall improvement in the zest for life!

KLOUD+ Contraindications:

The following users may only receive a KLOUD+ Mat session after consultation with their

• If you are suffering from a chronic degenerative disease or have recently undergone surgery
• People with medication regime and constant medication intake
• People who wear a pacemaker, electronic implants, or subcutaneous medical devices If you are a pregnant woman


The KLOUD+ is not intended for the detection, prevention, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of disease. The KLOUD+ is not a medical device, nor or any other medical services provided through the KLOUD+. The KLOUD+ is a wellness and fitness device that may support your general performance, recovery, well being, and enhance general quality of life by means of clearly defined, low-frequency, pulsating electromagnetic fields. These statements plus the 5 optimized programs have not been evaluated by the FDA. The 5 programs are general recommendations based on experience. Individual experiences and results may vary. When in doubt, please check with your licensed healthcare practitioner before scheduling a
KLOUD-r Mat session with Spa Riffic.